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Year C   2nd of Advent 3rd of Advent 4th of Advent Christmas Eve  Christmas Day  1st of Christmas 2nd of Christmas 1st after Epiphany 2nd in Ord. Time Week of Prayer  4th in Ord. Time Sunday before Lent 1st in Lent 2nd in Lent 3rd in Lent
                      for Christian Unity          
Bromley 10.30am Gardner Brigades AA Terrett HC   Terrett F Ayres Brandhorst Terrett AAHC Mayes Pulpit exchange Dodds Worship Leaders Terrett PT R Ushewokunze Terrett HC
Common 4.00pm   Terrett X   Crib Service                      
Bloomfield  Road 5.00pm       5-6 Drop in Communion                      
Chelsfield 10.30am R Ushewokunze Miller No service   Palmer/Goddard AA Kwafo-Akoto Gillman C Palmer/Goddard AA Woodison Gloin Gillman Ayres Palmer/Goddard AA Price Gillman HC
Windsor Drive 3.00pm     3-4.30 Christingle                        
Chislehurst 10.30am MacBean AA Woodison MacBean AA   11 MacBean AA Cope MacBean HC Sennett Dodds AA Gillman Terrett MacBean AA P Gardner MacBean HC Mayes
Prince Imperial Rd 4.00pm     MacBean X                        
Emmanuel 10.30am Cope Ushewokunze HC Thornton X   11 Ushewokunze F Brandhorst Gardner Ushewokunze C Griffiths CA Ushewokunze Ushewokunze Quarmby Ushewokunze HC Kwafo-Akoto Ushewokunze
Granville Rd, Sidcup 11.30pm       Ushewokunze HC                      
Mottingham 10.30am Terrett M Terrett HC Gillman   9.30 Terrett F Gillman Terrett M Price Terrett HC Worship Leaders Mayes Terrett M Cope Terrett HC Brandhorst
Mottingham Road 4.00pm     Terrett X                        
New Eltham 10.30am Quarmby MacBean AA Price   10 MacBean AA MacBean HC Cope MacBean AA Gardner MacBean C Ayres Williams MacBean AA Sennett MacBean HC
Footscray Road 4.00pm                   CTNE@NEMC          
  6.30pm Worship Leaders   6 MacBean X                        
Orpington 8.30 am                   Gillman HC         Gillman HC
Sevenoaks  10.30am Gillman HC Gillman P T Mayes   Gillman AA Price AA Woodison Gillman SP Gillman HC Dodds Miller Gillman HC B Gillman P Café Worship Quarmby
Road 6.30 pm Gillman PMC   5.30 Gillman X 5.30 Nativity     Gillman C   Gillman PMC     Gillman PMC   Gillman HC  
  11.15pm       Gillman HC                      
Petts Wood 10.30am Ushewokunze HC Sennett Ushewokunze FPG 4 Ushewokunze AA 9.30 Ushewokunze F Tompkins Ushewokunze C Quarmby Ushewokunze FP R Ushewokunze MacBean Ushewokunze HC Gloin Ushewokunze Miller MB
Queensway 6.30pm     Ushewokunze X           Ushewokunze HC         Ushewokunze HC  


AA          All-age Worship

B             Baptism

BV          Bereavement

C             Covenant

CA          Church Anniversary

F              Family Service

G             Gift Service

HC          Holy Communion

M            Messy Church

MB         Mission in Britain

P              Parade Service    

PMC       Prayer, Music and Contemplation

PT           Pet Service

SP           Songs of Praise

T             Toy Service

X             Carol Service




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