Worship AV Resources

Worship countdowns are a great way to preface your worship service.  They help prepare participants, create expectation and can even inspire.  You can buy subscriptions to Christian publishing houses such as Worship House media, Easy Worship or ShareFaith. However there are many free sources too which are listed below:

FreeWorshipLoops You will need to register as a member but the countdowns are available under the free subscription

Worship Backgrounds These are are a number of worship countdowns available as free downloads

YouTube has many countdowns you can use too.  Strictly speaking you can download these and use them for free if they have a creative commons licence (the licence info is shown below the video). If they have a standard Youtube licence you can use them for free because using them in worship services is classed as educational use but you should stream them rather than download them.  That might not be possible for some churches though.

Try these for starters:


JESUS countdown

or look for others by searching ‘worship countdown’ within YouTube.

Worship countdowns can also be found and downloaded from Vimeo, e.g. The Countdown